Camp Widjiwagan, Ely, MN.
Sept. 24-26, 2021
Cost: $220.00

We will be sending out an email when registration is open. If you would like to receive that email you can sign up at the bottom of any page.

Aaaaahhhh. Widji where we started this whole fun event. Things have changed since we started but Widji (even with it's changes) has kept it's cozy, northwoods feel. That's why we love it, especially in the Fall when it is at it's peak.
During the week we also allow for plenty of time to do your own thing. We like to think of our retreats as "Create Your Own". We offer a variety of choices and you get to pick and choose which ones you participate in making the week exactly what you want it to be. 
(One of our favorite offerings is a massage therapist we bring with us to all our retreats. He is the husband of one of our long time participants and he is fantastic.

The project for the Fall will be scarves. Good old fashioned rectangular long scarves. The kind you wrap around your neck a few times. The original, the ones we wore as kids ....... We will come up with and find some fun patterns and make samples.

We may also dye bandanas with Indigo as a second project.

As always, it's your choice if you participate in the project(s) or not.




Arrive and settle in


After supper:  Meet in S.O.C for Introductions and Shop Show and Tell



8:00 am Breakfast


9:00 am. Meet at S.O.C for starting the project and Group Knitting

12:30 lunch

On your Own

Sauna at 4:00 – 5:30

Supper 6:00

7:00 pm Meet at S.O.C for Group Inspiration (aka Show and Tell)



8:00 am Breakfast

Take time to pack up, meet at SOC for final shopping, checking out and week-end wrap up 

12:00 Lunch and Depart.


 A community run yarn shop nestled in the Northwoods

31 W. Chapman St.   Ely, Mn. 55731  218-365-6613